Tips Of Making DIY Logos

If you look around today, everyone is seeking to be independent; it is no surprise to find the number of DIY projects on the increase.  In fact, nowadays many businesses make their logos online. It seems difficult to some, but you will be surprised at how simple it is with the help of a few tips. This article will focus on the tips that make logo designing simple.

The first tip is that a simple logo communicates better than one that is loaded with a lot of information. If you put a lot of details on your logo designs , you overload the brain with a lot of details which makes it sieve out some of the information you wanted to pass. The brain may selectively retain the most attractive information which may not be what you find important on the logo. Therefore, be minimalistic in your design.

When it comes to colors, it is vital that you do not use more than three colors. When a logo has too many colors, it appears busy which makes it not to be appealing. Therefore if you want to make an attractive logo use two colors that blend well. Using few colors is advantageous because when it comes to printing, it will cost less to print a logo with few colors because each color is charged separately. Therefore if you are looking to have a logo that will be cheaper in the long run, then one with fewer colors is the way to go.

You can make a logo that has no image. However, when you opt for this logo, you need to realize that you need to use text to communicate the brand of your business through the logo. The text should be thought well before being included in the logo; in most cases, the company name and a slogan are what go into the logo. Once you have the text look for the right font that best communicates the brand of the business.  Remember that you need a logo which is readable therefore make a point of using fonts that are readable. To understand more about logo generator, visit .

You can decide to have logos that have a combination of the name of your company if it has more than one word. For instance, if you have a company called Riley Security, you could make a logo that has R and S combined creatively to represent the name of your company.

Whatever style of logo you go for make sure that you know your business' brand so that you graphically depict it. That is the secret of great logo-making.